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    I am a veterinarian from Lithuania (country in the European Union). In 2004 I graduated Lithuanian Veterinary Academy, where I got qualification of veterinarian. I have Master's scientific degree. From 2004 I do private veterinary practice. I am the owner of a small veterinary hospital which is in a little town. My specialization is therapeutics, surgery and dermatology. My patients are dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

    Also I am a director Telsiai district municipality public health bureau
    Main activities and responsibilities: to provide public health strengthening services for various groups of people;
    to apply in practice academic knowledge of health protecting, strengthening and illness risk decrease to
    solve the public health problems;
    to estimate and identify the priorities of health strengthening;
    to form attitudes of healthy living and do propaganda of healthy living;
    to prepare informative and methodical material on the issues of health protecting, disseminate health
    news for the community;
    to collaborate with social partners on the matters of health protecting;
    to plan and do researches on public health strengthening, to choose the right methods, to analyze and
    interpret the results and make the conclusions;
    to analyze the peculiarities of health problems and living of the local residents;
    to give the proposals to health specialists, community, non-governmental organizations and other
    organizations regarding issues of health protection;
    To organize health training and education events.

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