Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture - 3D Animation for Veterinary Undergraduates

Uploaded By: Dragan Ševo . Category: Surgery . Added on: 01 March 2014.
In this Video:
The following video explains the effects of rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament on the stifle joint, including some of the diagnostic tests used to identify cranial cruciate ligament rupture and three common surgical procedures used to treat the surgical disease.

PLEASE NOTE: These animations are NOT a guide to performing the procedure, and DO NOT advocate the use of one procedure over another. They have been intentionally simplified to ease understanding of the principles of each procedure.

This animation is free to view thanks to the generosity of the PetPlan Charitable Trust.

The 3D Animation was created by Dylan N. Clements, Henry Broadhurst and Richard J. Mellenby. We are grateful to the help of Stephen P. Clarke, Michael Farrell, David Bennett, Ignacio Calvo, William Marshall, Rob Pettit, Neil Burton and John R. Mosley for help in producing the animation.

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